New York City is simply iconic. High rise buildings are everywhere; in most urban environments, a 50 story building stands out. But not in New York City, where buildings like One World Trade and the Empire State Building dot the skyline.

To view Manhattan from above requires a helicopter or to go up inside one of these extremely tall buildings. To get a perspective of the city, it is best viewed from across the East or Hudson Rivers. I choose to go just south of the Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1, where some pilings are located.  These remnants of the shipping yard that was once located here provide a great view. The pilings that held the pier in place still remain and provide some protection in the water from the boats and barges as they roll through the East River. 

On an August night, a friend and I decided we would make an attempt to capture the beauty of the city after dark. After scouting several locations, we decided the Brooklyn Bridge Park made the most sense. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge just as the sun was setting and over into the park. We waited a bit for the light to completely fade and to find the perfect spot. I believe we found it here.

These photos were captured on a Sony A7R Mark II with a 24-240mm lens. ISO 100 @ 27mm f/8.0 30 second exposure. Lightroom for adjustments and a couple minor edits to lighting levels in photoshop.

Peaking into the city

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