Railway transit has driven East Coast transportation for decades. Back when steam powered trains relied on coal for power, the hub for all rail lines in Philadelphia was Reading terminal. Nowadays, Reading terminal is a glorious market filled with restaurants, bakeries, flowers shops, and produce stands; however, traces of its past are there if you know where to look.

Many of the original rail lines were repurposed for the modern subway system. Others were abandoned and slowly forgotten. These tunnels, now littered with trash, graffiti, and the makeshift shanty dwellings of the homeless, provide a range of inspiration for photographers. 

For me, the rare glimpses of light within these tunnels reflect the circumstances of their inhabitants, small glimmers of hope surrounded by heavy, impregnable darkness. 

The top image was captured with the Sony A7R II using a 24-240mm lens processed in Lightroom for color adjustments and then finished in Photoshop to correct the aspect ratio with a better crop.

The bottom is an HDR image captured with the same camera and lens, using -2, 0, +2 processed in Aurora and finished in Lightroom. 

From the Darkness comes Light

Glimmer of light

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