Tennessee is renowned for its waterways and as a mecca for water sports, but surprisingly Tennessee has only one natural lake. Reelfoot Lake, located in rural northwest Tennessee, is the result of a series of earthquakes that occurred in 1811 and 1812. These earthquakes were so powerful that the mighty Mississippi River flowed backwards, flooding a large area of low lying land and creating Reelfoot. Reelfoot is a unique ecological system for this part of the country and is a natural habitat for thousands of birds and other wildlife. Arguably the most interesting species found here is the Bald Eagle. Mating pairs of these eagles migrate to Reelfoot each winter to nest and raise their young.

If you make a trip to the area in January or February, you can usually spot the eagles and their nests. These majestic birds build their nests high in the area's cypress trees, so bring your zoom lens or binoculars to get a closeup view. If you are patient and persistent, these iconic bald eagles are amazing to behold.

This picture was captured hand-held on a Sony A7R Mark II using the 70 - 300mm lens zoomed into 300mm. This image was cropped, since there was now way to get this close. A 600mm on a tripod would have done better.

Mighty Bald Eagle

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