If asked, most of us can immediately name our favorite place, that place we love to go to unwind, relax, and do the things we enjoy. 

Memphis is home to just such a place, not only for people, but also for dogs; it's called The Outback and is part of Shelby Farms, the largest urban green space in the US (larger than Central Park in New York City). The Outback is a huge off-leash nature preserve designated for dogs (and horses) to enjoy the great outdoors without collars or leashes. At over 100 acres, The Outback includes several ponds, rolling hills, and scrub brush bursting with wildlife. 

We are fortunate to live only 10 minutes from The Outback, and our two dogs, named Walter and Merlin, would happily trade us in for a romp at The Outback.  On our first outing in February of 2017, the boys ran at full speed, swam in the lakes, chased the birds, and even made friends with other dogs. It was like watching kids in a candy store, not knowing what to eat first. The goofy joy was fun to watch and photograph.

Most of my photos from this location are captured on a Sony A7R Mark II with a 70-200mm lens. No HDR, nothing fancy, just some cropping in Lightroom and color correction.

A Dog's Happy Place - The Outback @ Shelby Farms

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