In addition to photography, a technology career (making Wi-Fi work at its best) pays the bills, and I love the challenges of the ever-changing technology landscape.

One of my earliest memories is the delight on my mom's face when my dad bought her a new camera for Christmas in 1979. Photography was expensive back then, so we had to pick and choose when to use the camera.

In 1996, I took a Journalism Photography class in college. The instructor handed me a Pentax camera and taught me to shoot in black & white. I also learned to develop my own film, from the negatives to the finished prints.

The photography workshop I remember most fondly was led by Bill Lea ( in the Great Smoky Mountains in the early 2000's. My mom and I were the only participants with digital cameras. Bill was a little scared to touch the Nikon 995, but we captured some stunning images nonetheless. In the years that followed, I found a passion for cityscapes and landscape photography as my technology career allowed me to travel and experience new cities and cultures.

Over the next decade I focused mostly on taking pictures of my children and family events. I upgraded my camera several times finally moving into the DSL ranks. My daughter was getting bigger and she had a natural passion for art. I have been lucky enough to share my passion for photography with her. She goes with me on photography adventures at least once per week, taking a few pictures of her own and suggesting compositions to try. I'm so happy we share this passion!

Darrell  @ Ground Zero Memorial